For some taxpayers the receipt of an IRS notice can only mean the worst. However, there are millions of notices that are mailed by the IRS every year for a variety of reasons. Many of these letters or notices can be dealt with quite simply. So what should you do if you receive a notice?

First, don’t panic. As noted earlier, there are several reasons that a letter or notice may be issued. You may receive a notice if there are questions about your tax return, additional information is needed, or there is a change in your account resulting in a larger refund or a balance due. If you receive a notice or letter, be sure to review it carefully. The notice will provide the reason for the correspondence, the tax year or period that it addresses and specific instructions on what you must do to satisfy the inquiry. While many letters and notices can be addressed without contacting the IRS, if you disagree with the notice or letter you will want to be sure you respond as requested. It is also important that you keep copies of any correspondence with the IRS for your records and forward the notice and other documentation to your tax preparer.

Click here for some common IRS notices that you could receive and their descriptions.

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