Tips Gathered from Successful Small Business Owners

While learning and growing in life, have you ever looked back and thought, “I wish someone would have told me that?” … well now someone can.

  • Networking
    • It is important to build a strong network of support. Keep contact with many other business professionals, as it can become an isolating experience starting a business alone. Also become part of the larger business community in your area. You can meet in person, or use other methods such as social media networking like LinkedIn or Facebook.
  • Goal Specific
    • It is a good idea to be goal oriented, and know what these goals are. This way you have a goal in mind, time frame, and something to judge and drive your actions and improvements. These goals can also help keep you and your business focused.
  • Delegate
    • You may feel like since you are the owner you have to do everything, and everything falls on your shoulders. In a way, it does, however, you should delegate whenever possible. It is better to have someone do a task that is good at it and hiring more people rather than having someone do something they are terrible at, to cut back on payroll, because in the end it will make a huge difference in quality and success of the business.

* Focus on what you do best and delegate the rest.*

  • Keep Overhead Low
    • In order to lower your overhead, you can cut back on unnecessary costs in many ways. You can replace your computer servers with the cloud, you can use free apps and services, you can get rid of a landline and replace it with an internet-based phone and many more ways. Once you lower your overhead, you will feel a greater sense of peace and will be able to better make pricing decisions you would not have been able to previously make.

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