Tips for starting a Small Business:

  • Find Your Niche
    • It is best to start at what you’re good at and continually innovate and grow your niche from there. You do not have to be a company who does it all, do what you are best at and grow over time, or success will be much harder at the beginning. Do not do too much, too soon.
  • Keep Your Day Job a Little Longer
    • Just because you start your new small business, do not quit your day job just yet. Most people who do so, will soon run out of money and fail. Do not resign from your day job until you have enough money for sure, or are positive that your small business idea will work.
  • Avoid All Distractions
    • While in the start-up period of your new business, it is best to avoid distractions at all costs. This business will need your full attention, time and work for it to grow and evolve. Do not try to start a second business at the same time, even once you think your business is off the ground. It will need your full efforts or another full-time manager to be successful. This also means it is important to stay on task day-to-day and stay organized in order to be successful as a small business.

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