For many of the 40 million low-income Americans, their annual tax refund is the biggest check they get all year.  But many times scammers and organized crime syndicates have filed fraudulent returns under stolen identities and claimed the refunds before many have had a chance to even file their returns.  So the IRS is cracking down on these fraudsters while trying to be sensitive to the impact this will have on working poor families.

The 2015 PATCH Act goes into effect this year.  This means that refunds will be delayed by a few weeks as more time is taken to screen returns.  Tax filing begins on January 23.  If you were to file your returns on January 23 it would usually take about 21 days (mid-February) for you to receive your refund.  With the additional processing time, your refund will not be received until approximately the end of February.

Please contact our office if you have questions about how you can help your tax return processing go smoothly.