New Features:

  • New Email Capabilities – QuickBooks now allows you to attach multiple documents to your emails, customize your email templates to include information such as customer or job descriptions, and stores email history for customers, vendors, or employees
  • New Bank Feed – The bank feed replaces the Online Banking feature, streamlining the process of matching downloaded transctions to the appropriate categories
  • New Income Tracker – The new income tracker shows all your income producing activities in one area
  • New Miscellaneous Features – Bills paid entirely with a bill credit will show on check stubs, easily process bounced checks, transaction specific reports now shown on ribbon toolbar, and cut & paste line options added to ribbon toolbar
  • New automatic build of subassembly inventory items. (Enterprise Only)
  • Replace assembly components for multiple inventory items at one time (Enterprise Only)
  • New minimum/maximum (min/max) replaces reorder points on inventory items (Enterprise Only)
  • New Advanced Pricing for QB Enterprise Solutions – Automatically applies manufacturer discounts, scheduled future promotions, quantity discounts, & create thousands of price rules or combinations of price rules (Sold Separately)

Improved Features:

  • Attach Documents – Now attach documents to transactions such as invoices and estimates
  • Reminders, To-Dos, & maintenance alerts have been placed in a cluster in the upper right corner 
  • Sales Reps on Jobs – You can now specify a sales rep for a job (not just a customer)
  • You can now filter reports by sales rep and job status 
  • Enhancements to the Add/Edit Multiple Lists
  • Enhancements to the Billable Time/Costs window 
  • Additional customization options for the left icon bar 
  • Improved payroll center interface
  • Company information replaced with the improved “My Company” window
  • Additional options for calculating costs for assembly items
  • Sales Reps and other custom fields can be added to bills, checks, and credit card payments (Enterprise Only)
  • Two additional reports have been added, Job WIP Summary and Committed Costs by Job (Enterprise Only)
  • Auto purchase orders now suggest quantities to order (Enterprise Only)

QB for Mac New Features:

  • New Income Tracker – The new income tracker shows all your income producing activities in one area
  • Assign sales rep to customer and job
  • New search field for amounts, accounts, and reference numbers in reports
  • New set up checklist provides direction when setting up new QuickBooks for Mac files (video instructions are also included)
  • Adjust sales tax for discounts and credit in the sales tax liability window.
  • Create purchase orders from details in estimates

Improved Features:

  • Improved Navigation

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