There is a new IRS impersonation email scam spreading across the United States! 


Many taxpayers have begun notifying about unsolicited emails they have been receiving from IRS imposters. Many different subject lines have been reported, however, the most recent examples include “Automatic Income Tax Reminder” and “Electronic Tax Return Reminder.” 


Reports have said that these emails contain links to websites that look similar to and they include a temporary or one-time use password to submit their refund. These passwords and links then turn out to be a malicious file instead. 


The IRS wants all taxpayers, tax professionals, and their clients to be aware that the IRS: 

  • Does NOT send unsolicited emails
  • Does NOT use email as a way to contact taxpayers about the status of their returns
  • Does NOT contact you over text message or through social media 
  • Does NOT call and demand immediate payment using gift cards, wire transfers or prepaid debit cards. 

The IRS will instead send a bill in the mail to a taxpayer who owes taxes. 


If you have any questions, come across any suspicious activity or want to report phishing, use this link here.