Congratulations to our Senior Accountant & Tax Manager, Melanie Willis, E.A., for becoming an NTPI Fellow® !

Last week she attended the NAEA National Conference in Las Vegas, Nevada where she completed her courses to become an NTPI Fellow! We are proud of the many years of hard work and dedication this took! We know it wasn’t easy! 

What is an NTPI Fellow? 

  • It is a designation that is presented to a CPA, attorney or an Enrolled Agent that has completed a stringent, 3-level program of study. This program covers all facets of representing taxpayers before the IRS.
    • This means that an NTPI Fellow can speak directly to the IRS regarding your taxes without you being present, and they can represent you in an IRS audit, collection or appeal. 
  • They have studied and are experts in this wide range of categories:
    • Communicating with the IRS
    • Non-Filers
    • Examination (introduction and advanced)
    • Appeals (introduction, exam appeals, collection appeals and advanced appeals)
    • Tax Research and Resources
    • Collections
    • Criminal Investigation (introduction and advanced)
    • Form 1040 Audits
    • Innocent Spouse
    • Freedom of Information Act
    • Case Resolutions
    • Trust Fund Recovery
    • Liens and Levies
    • Correcting Bad Actions of Clients
    • Bankruptcy

For more information check out the NAEA’s website