It’s never too late to move to the cloud! 

There isn’t necessarily a best time or best way for each business to begin the transition.  One suggestion to help you begin your transition is to choose cloud-based applications or services, then gradually begin the move.  For example, would you like help managing and storing your business expense receipts and documents? Consider a cloud-based application like Receipt Bank or Expensify. Neat is also a great option for cloud storage.  Look for cloud solutions that integrate with your existing software to increase the efficiency of your organization.

Is your accounting software cloud-based? If not, it may be the time to analyze the benefits of moving to QuickBooks Online or Xero.

The transition process is different for every business.  It depends on what your objective is and what the cloud can do for you. If you are hesitant or still not sure how to get started, hire a consultant to help you assess your software needs.  They can also help you research options for your business and implement any changes.

~based on Advertorial by in October 2016 CPA Practice Advisor