In November 2013, Govenor Snyder signed the Dannie Lee Barnes Disabled Veteran Property Tax Relief Act. Despite the major benefit for disabled veterans, there has been little heard about this new law. The act only applies to 100% disabled veterans that have been honrobly discharged from the military and use and own a Michigan homestead. Those that meet the requirements outlined in this law are exempt from the collection of property taxes. There are also provisions for an exemption of a unremarried surviving spouse if the disabled veteran dies. To obtain the exemption, an affidavit must be filed by the property owner with their local assessor. Since this law also applies to 2013, a disabled veteran will need to file their affidavit before the final board review in 2013 in their jurisdiction. Contact your local assessor’s office to find out when the December board review is scheduled and how to file your affidavit.

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