Have you prepared your business for winter?

It’s not something you think about. “If there’s a winter storm, it just means I might have to shut down for a day or two, right?”


An estimated 25 % of businesses affected by disaster never reopen.  And winter disaster is a very real thing, especially for small businesses since there is generally less capital available to re-build.  Creating a plan to prepare for winter emergencies is a simple practice to adopt.

  1. What winter emergencies does your insurance cover?
  2. Do you have the names and phone numbers for heating and plumbing contractors?  Your building owner?  Insurance agent?  They should all be easily accessible.
  3. Do you need to protect any equipment from freezing up in case the power goes out and there’s no heat in your building?
  4. Do you have snow removal in place for doorways, driveways, and roof (if applicable)?
  5. Do you have all your employees, vendors, and client’s information on hand?

And since your employees are a large part of your company, you should encourage them to also create a family emergency plan.  This readiness will help them be able to focus on their work both during and after a winter storm.

  1. Sign up for weather-related text or email alerts
  2. Make sure their important documents are in a safe place
  3. Have an emergency supply kit
  4. Have a family-communication plan in place in case of a winter storm

So as we head into the prime of winter in West Michigan, remember to prepare ahead of time in case a winter storm impacts your business and its employees.