Integrating Company Values — Achieving 20/20 Vision 

  • Align your employees
    • Make sure employees’ work continues to support the company vision, mission & values.
  • Teach values through orientation & training 
    • Explain why vision & values are significant to the organization & how they originated.
  • Reinforce values in all communication
    • This includes all policies, procedures, meetings, posts, newsletters etc. 
  • Conduct climate surveys
    • Ask your employees about the values and vision to see where they stand. 
  • Make decisions that reach company mission & vision
    • It will become easier to spot what is working rather than what isn’t. 
  • Incorporate values into your client relations & sales process
    • Use language that highlights how core values shape the customer experience. 
  • Review employee performance based on values
    • This is where you inspect what you expect. Terminate the people who violate your core values. 
  • Look to vision & mission to steer difficult conversations 
    • Help people connect where they are falling short of the company vision, mission & values. 
  • Reward employees that perform with solid values! 

Information from Partners in Action Inc.