All of this month, we are pleased to honor HAS Senior Accountant & Tax Analyst, Melanie Willis, EA, NTPI Fellow, for 20 years of remarkable service at HAS. After Melanie joined the HAS team as a part-time accountant, she quickly demonstrated her unrelenting desire to learn and grow … and HAS has grown right along with her!

In 2014 Melanie became an Enrolled Agent, a federal license granting her the legal, unlimited right to represent clients to the IRS. In addition to undergoing rigorous tax code training, EAs are required to maintain an impeccable ethical standard.

Recently, Melanie completed the additional client representation training required to become an NTPI Fellow. Now she can speak directly to the IRS regarding client taxes without them being present and can represent them in an IRS audit, collection or appeal.

Melanie has always been the heart and soul of HAS. Through her extraordinary leadership and keenly focused vision on superior client services, she guided us through a period of unprecedented growth.

Her mettle was tested during the current global pandemic, but we were in good hands. Her pre-planning allowed us to seamlessly move to remote work before the state-declared stay-at-home order. Interoffice Slack communication and client Zoom meetings are now second nature for all of us.

Please join us in congratulating her for 20 years of service, and wish her many, many more!