As you all are well aware, the threat level of COVID-19 continues to increase in this country and is changing rapidly. As we continue learning more about this virus, HAS is heeding the advice of health organizations and medical experts and performing additional disinfecting of public areas daily.

We certainly do not want to cause or add to any existing panic. However, because of the increased activity in our office this time of year, it is important we take the reasonable recommended steps to limit exposure or opportunity to spread the virus.

While we continue to remain calm, we are also encouraging clients and partners to do the following:

1. Upload your tax or other documents using our secure upload document link found at the top of the HAS website home page. Note: Do not email documents that contain sensitive information to our office

2. If you need to drop off documents after hours, use the available drop box located outside our office door

3. Take advantage of any e-signature or online fillable forms that HAS offers

4. Request virtual meetings. If you want or need to schedule a time to meet with a HAS team member, be sure to request a virtual meeting. An invitation with the necessary “join meeting” link will be emailed to you. Note: You are not required to turn on the camera feature if you are not comfortable.

5. If you have not been feeling well or have recently been traveling, please stay home and use one of the options above to submit information or meet with us.

We love getting to see our clients in person this time of year. Given the circumstances, though, keeping everyone healthy is the priority. We will continue to keep you posted if there are any additional changes as this issue evolves. Thank you all in advance for understanding and helping us limit this threat.

We wish that everyone stays safe and healthy!