HAS Q & A Session

HAS is excited to announce our new Q & A Sessions for business owners and taxpayers!

Sign up below for an opportunity to submit your general business and/or tax questions. A HAS accounting or tax professional will address the submitted questions in a pre-recorded video and notify you by email when a new recording is released.

What's this new "Q & A Session" all about?

1Do I have to be a current HAS client to sign up for the Q & A sessions?
Absolutely not! The HAS team wants to help as many people as we can. We encourage all to sign up and begin submitting their questions.
2I don’t have a question right now but I’m interested to see if there’s content that would be helpful to me and/or my business. Can I sign up just to view your recorded sessions?
Yes, you can. Submitting a question is NOT required, but it’s certainly more fun! Once you sign up you will be notified by email when a new recording is released.
3Will you release video recordings even if you don’t get questions submitted?
Yes! As accounting and tax professionals we encounter clients that face a variety of business and tax concerns every day. We will be able to address some of the most common subjects and questions in our videos regardless of how many questions are submitted through this platform.
4Will you ever have live Q & A Sessions?
It’s Possible. Because this Q & A session is new, we will be closely monitoring the response to the videos. If we get enough interest, we will then consider going live!
5What type of questions and subjects will you be addressing
There’s really no end to the types of issues we or business owner’s face and I’m sure we will touch on a lot of them. However, our general focus will be related to bookkeeping and accounting, payroll, taxes, and related software.
6I’m really busy. How long will the videos be?
Not long. The videos will be designed for busy taxpayers and business owners. Most videos will be between 5 – 10 minutes.
7What if I need a more detailed answer to my question or more details on the subject discussed?
Because we want to keep the videos brief, we realize we may not be able to cover every aspect of the subject being discussed. You are welcome to submit a follow up question to one previously submitted. If you need further assistance, fill out the contact form below to schedule a video chat to discuss your issue (Consultations will be billed at our regular hourly rate)
8Can you address my individual tax situation or business account question?
Because of time constraints and privacy laws, we will only be able to provide general answers to your questions. We CANNOT address individual tax situations or account questions. Some questions will allow us the freedom to provide details regarding specific (not individual) tax situations or business industries. We will work hard to provide a level of detail that is helpful but we will also encourage you to reach out to a professional when more guidance needed.
9Will you share my name and or company name on the video?
Only with your permission. It would be fun, but we understand that you may not want that information shared. When possible, we will share the industry that the person submitting the question is in and their city and state. We will only share the names of individuals or companies that have given their prior consent.