November 20, 2013

Tax Refund ID Theft is Growing ‘Epidemic’

IRS Combats Tax Refund Fraud and ID Theft According to the IRS watchdog service, more American’s identities were stolen in tax refund fraud in the first […]
November 13, 2013

Tax Break For Trade-Ins

Governor Snyder Signs “Sales Tax On The Difference” Legislation On November 6, 2013, Gov. Rick Snyder signed a new legislation providing tax breaks for new car, […]
October 9, 2013

NEW – Notice for Employers!

Department of Labor Health Insurance Regulation  There is a new regulation that requires action by employers with at least one employee and gross revenue of over […]
October 1, 2013

Can You Track USE TAX in QuickBooks?

Businesses are now becoming more aware of the requirements to remit use tax on goods brought into their state when sales tax is not charged. However, […]
October 1, 2013

Unemployment Benefit Limitations Lifted For Family Corporations

Recently Governor Snyder signed several amendments to the Michigan Employment Security (MES) Act. One of those amendments removed the 7 ½ weeks of unemployment benefits limitation […]
July 24, 2013

Late Payment Penalty Relief for 2012 Tax Returns

Because of the late passing of the American Taxpayer Relief Act of 2012 in early 2013, the IRS has provided a late-payment penalty and interest relief […]
May 23, 2013


Most QuickBooks 2010 users have received several warnings when using their QuickBooks products that access to add-on services will be discontinued on May 31, 2013. This […]
February 19, 2013

New Simplified Method for Claiming the Home Office Deduction

The IRS recently announced a simplified option for business owners with home offices. Beginning with the 2013 tax returns, taxpayers with qualified home offices may choose […]
February 19, 2013

Where’s My Refund?

To check the status of your refund: Federal Refund State of Michigan Refund